Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New project!

New Project...

I'm so excited about  a new project I've started.  Yes,  I know...we all have several on the go but it's the thrill of starting something new and oh my, the colours are so glorious!  Just take a look...

All the vibrant goodness is sure to cheer you up!

I've been making motifs on Mondays for a couple of months now and although last week, I detoured from that, this project requires motifs so what better than the lovely Mesmerising Mandala coasters?

Mesmerising Mandala motif, rows 1-3.
Find it here:

I've designed two more motifs...and had a play with several others, so satisfying just sitting by the pool and making motifs.


A scone with a coffee helps...
Progress so far...

Keep posted. It may take a little while and it's not a NEW idea but it's going to be lovely!

Happy crocheting or knitting,
Lu x

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