Monday, 14 April 2014

Five questions about crochet - interview

                  Question time: five questions about crochet.

1. What is that I love about crochet? 
 Almost everything…It uses maths, language, art, craft…it’s portable and there are many projects that are achievable and fast!  When I need therapy,  :-)  I can pull out one ball of yarn and make a delightful flower coaster, or brooch, or accessory for a bag.  Even when the day is busy with  meetings or trips across the city, I can fit in a flower or a granny square in ten minutes. 

2. What do I most like to make?
I love making animals, flowers and motifs because they are complete in themselves but I wish blankets were quicker to make and that I lived in a colder climate when it was time to put them together. Australia is so hot but it’s sometimes after a winter of making motifs that a blanket is ready to be assembled but that means it’s almost summer here!  Lesson to be learned, Lu!  Join as you go where possible!

3. What is a tip I’d give a crochet beginner?
 If you can BEAR it, try to start weaving in the end AT THE TIME rather than waiting until they add up to a mess of spare parts!  Oh those ends. They are the bane of every crocheter.   2.  And get yourself into a community or crochet craft group.  Sharing is the best.         Making flowers is the easiest of pleasures...
There is much to be learned from each other and the support or others who share your love of crochet is immeasurable.

A crochet morning at Hotshotz cafe, Brisbane.  

4. When did I first learn to crochet?
I knitted and did embroidery from the age of 6 and 10 respectively, and in a creative, yarn-loving family, I thought it was unusual that my mother and grandmother had not learned to crochet.  I taught myself the basic stitches but always found it hard to follow the instructions in patterns, especially as I couldn’t grasp how it was supposed to look.  Seven years ago, I moved states and found a yarn group.  I took two lessons, bought a ridiculous amount of books, continue to borrow the most books on crochet from the libraries nearby.  It's a rare day that I don’t do some  crochet, even if it’s the last thing I do before nodding off to sleep.  

5. What are the benefits of crochet?
Apart from having the potential to make functional items, the process of crochet is meditative, therapeutic, rewarding.   Crochet is a stress reliever.  And most of all, crocheting is something we can do together over a cup of coffee, a delicious slice of cake and much laughter. 

Write and tell me your most favourite crochet item to make or a tip that has made crocheting easier for you.  

Happy  crocheting! Lu x    

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