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Beaded Milk Jug Doily

Motif Monday  - Motif 8   

       Beaded Milk Jug Doily  
 Beaded milk jug covers were the first crochet designs that made me want to learn.   Here is a simple-to-make doily. So useful for those days when you want to spend time with friends outdoors.

(Find this  free pattern as a pdf on Ravelry here:

Small amounts of white and colour of your choice, any weight (I used dk)
4mm crochet hook
Diameter finished using  DK  (8ply) 22cm    
Tapestry needle,  scissors, 6 beads

TIP: Check that your tapestry needle can go through the hole in the beads.
        The beads are threaded on at row 7.

Rows 1 and 2 
1.  Magic Ring ch3, 2tr, 1ch into the ring,  *3tr, 1ch into ring, repeat from * 4 more times ( 6 groups of 3tr) . Slst into the 3rd of the beg 2ch.  Pull up the beginning tail to close the magic ring.   
2. Dc in same ch space, * 6ch, dc in ch space, repeat from* 5 more times. Fasten off. 

3. Join white into 6ch space, 3ch (2tr, 2ch, 3tr, 1ch)  in 6ch space, *(3tr, 2ch, 3tr, 1ch) in 6 ch space , Repeat  from * four more times. Slst into 3rd ch of beg 3ch.
4.  *10ch, dc in 2ch space, 10ch, dc in 1ch space. Repeat from * all around. (12 loops of 10ch each).  Slst into the first dc.  
5. Slst into the 10ch space.  *(dc, 2tr, 2dtr, 2tr, dc = shell)  in 6ch space.  Repeat from *all around the 6ch spaces.  Slst into the first dc of previous row.   

6. Dc in between the first and last dc of the 2 shells.   6ch, dc between 2dtr of previous row, 6ch, dc in between the first and last dc of the shells.  Slst into the first dc. Fasten off.

7. ***String 6 beads onto the white yarn by threading a tapestry needle with the yarn.
 NOTE: if you wish to add a bead to every loop end, string on 12 beads and add the 2ch, bead, 2ch to each loop instead of alternate loops as per instructions .  (See photo)
Join the yarn with a dc into the middle of the shell.                                                                      
* 12ch, dc in the dc into the middle of the shell of the previous row.   Repeat all round.  12 loops of 12 ch each.  Separated by a dc.  Slst into the first dc.  
8.  *dc in same place as the slst,  ch2, bring bread to the hook tip, ch2 AFTER the bead has been included, dc in same place as previous dc, *15dc in 12ch space, 15dc in next 12 ch space, dc in dc of previous row,  ch2, bring bead to the hook tip, ch2 AFTER the bead has been brought up, dc in same place as previous dc **.  Repeat from * to ** all around adding beads to every second loop.    Slst into the first dc.  

Fasten off.   Block. 

 Remember, if you are steaming your motif using  an iron (it’s quicker than wetting and allowing the motif to dry), don’t allow the iron to touch the crochet or the beads.   Hold it above the motif and let the steam do it’s magic! 

Beaded Milk jug Doily


Now it's time to take my crochet outdoors, pour a carafe of lime juice cordial and sit by the pool.  It's warm here in Australia despite being Autumn.  Love it!  

Happy crocheting,
Lu x

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