Sunday, 23 March 2014

    Motif Monday 6

Carnivale with Scarlet and the Butterfly

I needed a colour fix  after all the plain coloured motifs, 
and what better than….ta daaaa! 

*Four colours – Sky blue, French blue,  Mellow yellow,  Rose red
The line up! 
*Yarn – 8ply (DK)    * 4mm hook   * Tapestry needle to sew ends in
Diameter - 20cm 
                         Let the Carnivale begin!!

1. Ch8  Sky blue
 Ch5 (in place of the tr and ch2 , tr into ring, ch2, *tr in ring, 
ch 2  Repeat from * 5 more times (8 spaces).  Slst into the 3rd ch of the beg ch5. Change colour on the slst.
2. French Blue
 Slst into the next ch2space, ch3, 2tr into the same space, *ch2, 3tr in next space repeat from * all round.  Ch 2, slst into the top of the beg 3ch.  
3.  Mellow Yellow
 Change colour and dc into the middle of the 3tr group.  *ch10, dc in centre of the 3tr group, repeat from * 6 more times, ch10, slst into the first dc.

Mellow Yellow Row 3

4.  French Blue
Change colour and slst into the ch10 space.  Ch 3, 2tr in same space, ch4, 3tr in same space, *ch3, (3tr, ch4, 3tr) in next ch10 space, repeat from * all round, ch3, slst to the top of the beg ch3.

5. Rose Red
 Slst with a dc into the ch4 space between the 3tr.  *1dtr in same space, ch1, repeat from * 6 times, *ch1, dc in next 3ch sp, ch1, 8dtr with ch1 in between each dtr in the 4ch space,  repeat from * all around, ch1, dc in the next 3ch space, ch1, join to the  top of the beg dc.

Blocking motif 6
TIP: I draw a circle on my blocking material to help me stretch the  motif to a perfect  round shape where possible. 

6. Stay with Rose Red   

   ch8, skip 4 dtr,  *(dc in the centre of 8 dtr, ch6, dc in  the  same place as the previous dc, ch6,  dc in same space, ch6, dc in same place, ch6, dc in dc of the previous row,   ch6**

 Repeat from * to ** all round.   Sl st into the 2nd ch of the beg 8ch 

The final round with its three 6ch picot is easy for beginners. 

Happy stitching!

 Lu x

P.S. Scarlet is my ladybird pattern.  I will post that on Tuesday.  Make a whole family.  

The butterfly  by Chrissy can be found on Ravelry here:

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