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Motif 3 March 3, 2014

Pretty Pointed Petals - ‘Mini  Neckerchief’

By now, you will know I love flowers.  Let me shout it from the rooftops- 

                                     I ADORE flowers!! 

I use them in all my work, in every medium, not just with yarn.   Making the flowers for the Valentine’s heart  (see it here: ) was such a delight that I itched to make more.  And what sweeter than the pretty petals with droplets as a feature. 
 Take some yarn and a hook with you wherever you go this week and 
you’ll have whipped it up in no time
 NOTE: any weight yarn would be fine with  a corresponding hook.

Motif 3 - Pretty pointed petals is perfect to dress up an outfit, but it's especially suited to our Australian weather.  It’s light, pretty and quick to make. Start yours today in your colours. (Grey is the new black for me at the moment!)

The features of this project are:

                2.  JOIN AS YOU GO
                            3.  it's a Two- row Wonder!!!   
 To help keep track if you're a beginner, each petal is worked over  2 dc  stitches from the row below. You have 12 dc on row 1, you will have 6 petals in row 2. 

                                                   Pretty Pointed Petals 
Abbreviations   (UK terms) 
ch - chain
slst - slip stitch   
How to do a slip stitch  (sl st) – insert the hook into the stitch, YO (yarn over hook), pull the yarn through the stitch AND through the loop on your hook at the same time.  A slip stitch is not a climber – a stitch to add height. It’s just a joining stitch. 
dc - double crochet 
3dtrcl = 3 double treble cluster: 
Yo hook  2 times (YO2) , insert hook in st, yo, pull through the st only,

(yo, pull through 2 loops on hook)  twice

 *yo 2 times, insert hook into the same st, yo, pull through st,

(yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) 2 times;

 repeat from *

 yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook

(** apologies for the recent post... there should not be a 'ch1' at the end of the 3dtrcl.  )

The Colour Palette 

7 yarns - grey, pink, purple, yellow, aqua, apricot, green, 4ply weight, 3.00mm crochet hook, tapestry needle
¹Time to hook one flower?  ..........................  (What's yours?) ....................................

12dc into magic ring/circle, joined with a slip stitch
Row 1.    12 dc into the circle, slip stitch to close the circle  into the first dc.  
Row 2:    *4ch, 3dtrcl into next dc, 
                   3ch, slst into top of 3dtrcl,  (picot made) 
                   4ch, dc into next dc **        Repeat all round.   This is your first petal.  Fasten off.

Three petals added
Make ONE flower then join as you go below.  

Join flower 1 to 2 with a slip stitch

Motif 3  - Join as you go 
{Written instructions for joining as you go:
TIP: you only ever join on three petals of the  WF (working flower)
1.  Complete three petals on the second (and subsequent flower/s)
2.  Do the fourth petal up to the 3ch.
3.  Do 1ch as per usual, place the flower you're working on (WF - working flower) with any point on the 1st flower you have already done (FD - flower done), come down from the top (right side) of theWFand do a slip stitch to join it to the FD (this  slip stitch replaces the middle chain of the 3ch), do the last ch then slst into the top of the 3dtrcl, 4ch, dc into next dc on row below.  
4. When you join the third and subsequent flowers, check the diagram for where to join them.  You will always go through two petals that have already been joined from the third flower onwards.  

                (Once you get yourself oriented, you will know from then on how to join the petals together. 
 Don't despair - you won't need the diagram after a while! Honestly!  Trust me!) 
And now the moment I've been waiting is a great gift for a friend that can be whipped up easily.
                                                              That special moment when it all comes together!
 You can keep adding to your neckerchief to make it a longer scarf if you wish.  

To make the droplets for the fringe, start as for the petals and work row 1.  
Chain anywhere from 8 – 16 and fasten off leaving at least a 6ins (15cm) tail.  
Slip stitch each individual droplet  along the final two petals on the scarf once it’s joined.     

{one long scarf, one petal wide
{mandala with a flower for the centre - 7 flowers
{A long scarf joined in the same manner as the neckerchief  ie. offsetting the flowers

Making a horizontal scarf 
{A long scarf joining the flowers in a straight line
Join straight scarf as for first two petals.

Happy Petals!

Lu x

P.S. I blocked this scarf using the iron steam method.  Do not allow the iron to touch the fibre. 

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