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Sunflower Doily, Motif 5

                                     Motif Monday no.  5 

Sunflower  Doily
March 16, 2014

Dear friends, it’s been a yellow kind of week this week and I love that, don’t you?  it's such a cheerful colour!  The flowers were a  surprise gift from a dear friend!   Even though it’s Autumn here in Australia, it still feels like Spring! 

Motif Monday is all about making easy-to-complete motifs that are not just for beginners.   Thank you to so many of you who are trying the pattern and sending me the photos or links to your completed items.  I love seeing them all and how you use them.    I’ve put the patterns up on Ravelry under Lu Douglas now so I can share them even more…

I lamented last week that the centre is the most decorative yet it gets covered up with a vase or a teapot! This time, Sunflower has a simple centre and a little detail around the edges so you can sit a candle or vase on the doily and still see the pretty pattern. And yes, you will achieve it in under an hour!  Success!  J

Sunflower Doily - motif 5
4ply yarn
3.5mm hook

Magic ring.
Row 1 and 2 detail of centre
1. Ch5 (in place of the first dtr and ch1), [dtr in ring, ch1]) 15 times in total (this makes 16 dtr, 16ch) .  Slst to the 4thch of the ch5.

2. Slst into the next ch1 space, ch7, (dtr in next ch1sp, ch3) 15 times.  ( 16dtr, 16 3-ch spaces)  Slst  in the 4th ch of the 7ch.

3. Dc in next space, ch4, 3dtrcl in same   sp, *ch4, 4dtrcl in next space  Repeat from * around.   Slst into the tip of the first cluster. 

4. Ch6, *dc in next sp, ch3, tr in tip of next cluster, ch3.   Repeat from * around, Join last ch3 to the 3rd ch of the ch6.

5. ch10, *tr in next tr, ch7 repeat from * around.  Join last ch7 to 3rd ch of ch10.

6. Ch6, dtr in same place as slst, *7tr in next ch7sp, in next tr make (dtr, ch2 & dtr) .  repeat from * around, slst in 4th ch of ch6.   

7. Sl st into next sp, ch6, tr in same sp, *ch3, dc in 4th tr of 7tr group, ch3.  In next ch2sp, make a (tr, ch3, tr).  Repeat from * around. Join last ch3 with slst to 3rd ch of ch6.

8. Slst in next sp, ch5.  In the same place as slst, make   (tr, ch2, tr, ch2, tr).  *Ch3, dc in next dc, ch3. In next space, between 2tr, make (tr, ch2) three times and tr.  Repeat from   * around.  Join the last ch3 to the 3rd ch of ch5.  

Fasten off.  Block.  

The motifs  are growing!   I thought about whether I'd make the motifs the same size so they could be joined later but this is really a huge project and not the aim of Motif Monday.  I enjoy seeing my motifs under a vase or candle or just sitting on their own.  

    Completed motif
And again...

I've been delighted by the Instagram interest in the motifs.  Thank you everyone. With permission from the makers, I'd like to feature some of these motifs.  *** Please email me at if you don't have Instagram and have made a motif that you'd like me to include in future posts.    
Last week’s Vintage Floral ended up on a sweet clutch.  Thank you to Albadra (Instagram @albadra_crochet)

Bella made coasters from the Tea Time Doily pattern, Motif 2.  Thank you so much!  @lila28a

And Alicia  Imagine Knits with Husky   (Instagram - @knits_with_husky) was busy making more teapot sized doilies from motif 2.   It's interesting seeing the colour ways other crocheters think of!! Inspiring! 

And finally... a word from my assistant...
 Did you make this for me? 

I don't know what it is but Hunni has to be ON the current project.  How could I be cross with this face? (She's a cocker spaniel/poodle cross and is TOO devoted to me.)


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