Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy Happy New Year........   
Jan 1, 2015.

So how’s your New Year’s day going? I’m really high at the moment (and no drugs or alcohol are involved). :-)   I’m sitting on a plane, 27000 metres up, with no one either side (bliss!) and I can tell you the view below and to the future of 2015 is looking great! 

This is the time when I get to  see the bird's view.

My city - Brisbane - the countryside showed its lush colours from the recent rain.

I started the flight with several rows on my Monkey Socks by Cookie A (you can find them here…  Monkey socks by Cookie A

This is my progress on those Monkey Socks

Soon I will start the next sock on my other circular needle so I avoid the dreaded SSS = second sock syndrome! 

I hope you are going to continue to return to the blog and even join me this year for some of the wonderful and exciting pursuits I have planned for us all!  (next post)

And…after much contemplation, I selected my year long journal from the bundle of journals I made leading up to Christmas. 
Every year I design a meander style calendar, pocket size, and write in my handmade journal. 

Here is the place I’ll write:

* my projects – the materials and my progress
* the dreams of projects I hope to make (plenty) 
* the projects for the YAL (see below) 
* books  I've read 
* addresses of my friends everywhere and
* any affirmations or sayings or poetry I want to include in my journey this year. 

The journals become my little piece of history, my sometimes forgotten memories and the achievements along the way. (There is a future post on the handmade journals I'll have on offer on Etsy very soon with a special discount for my Instagram followers, so please look out for it!).  The hardest part is choosing which journal will be mine!  

 I chose this journal for the vibrant colours and because I hope to fly this year in every way!   I hope you do too, dear Friends.  

I'll be off stitching now...

Lu x

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