Friday 2 January 2015

YAL Year of the Flower 2015

At last I can reveal the plan I've been working on for the last few months of last year.   It is a...

                YAL = Yarn along 

    for the Year of the Flower, 2015

Do you want to Yarn ALONG with me?  

I hope so. They're a great way to get motivated and to achieve results and what better than a year of projects that can be given as gifts or put to good use at home?  I'm very excited about this... 

But first...

Any new project deserves some contemplation and what better than mulling it over with some of these...ZOO biscuits are to DIE FOR and I have to say I ate the whole packet over two days.  (The gym is calling) 

I'm sorry to tell you that there were also aqua coloured ones but I had to eat them first apparently...:-) 

What is a YAL?  It's not a 

                                 CAL – a crochet along, 

          nor a               KAL –  a knit along with friends, but a 

                        YARN a-long! 

And this year, the theme is

                                       The Year of the Flower!

Every project will incorporate flowers in some way.  I know I’m not alone in loving flowers –  handmade with yarn, ceramic, real, paper or glass..I love them all.  

Yarn flowers...

Tea Time Doilies....Motif Monday projects (See Tea Time Doilies  free pattern here...)
Hydrangeas from the garden...

Paper flowers - kusudama, Origami

My handmade encased floral angel stitch marker or zipper pull ( top)

You might  also remember my Valentine's post (see here... Valentine's Day floral Heart )  I'm sure I've convinced you, I love flowers. 

The idea of one year-long project is daunting even though I've enjoyed watching the @crochetmoodblanket2014 unfold.  (Created by  Stacey @frofunky on Instagram) 
It was with vicarious pleasure  that I watched the progress on this adorable blanket  made by Bernadette Divola,  Bellingen, Australia, on Instagram.  Swoon...sigh...swoon again... and Bernadette was always doing the 'catch up' but made it in the end!

And @luluadora, Jakarta... now requiring only the border...

This blanket will remain in Lulu's home as a reminder of the many moments through the year that prompted her blocks. 

And last but not least, the colourful and gigantic 365 Mood blanket by Kelly 
Bates of Seattle.  

Bowie 'helped'  with the styling of this photo 

Here in Australia, it’s rather hot for the majority of the year where I live so when  the project is due for completion, it’s our hot summer  - December - and the last thing I want is a gigantic blanket sitting on my lap.  (Bring on the aircon!) 

 While most of the projects in my YAL are month long projects and could make great gifts for friends, there will, however, be the opportunity to make a delightful sampler flower blanket the size of a throw, after all, how could I NOT include a blanket of some kind?  This blanket is in crochet, is not large and is an optional project. 

** Instructions will be written up on the blog and posted on the first day of every month (excepting the set up month, January, when the first pattern will be posted on Friday, Jan 9th.)   

** A notice will appear on Instagram on the first day of each month to announce the new post and pattern. 

** Some projects are 'just because I can' projects meaning just because I want to make flowers. These can be used later in many ways, on wrapped presents, as gift cards and more! 

** I'm hoping to start a Ravelry group.  :-( I haven't had luck so far figuring out how to post it to Rav. I get an error message! Help!   

** The hashtag for this project on Instagram is #yalyearoftheflower2015 

**  This YAL will include knitting and crochet projects.  You can do BOTH if you wish.  Yay to you! And don’t forget to show me by tagging @wildaboutyarn and including the hashtag  above. Seeing other people's work is inspiring when you feel like you are getting behind or when you aren't sure of colour ways to choose. 

** Some months will be either crochet or knitting. This will take the pressure off!  

** All terms will be UK terminology.  (See conversions below. Take a photo with your phone so you have them permanently) 

**Email me at any time on  or DM me on Instagram @wildaboutyarn if you have any questions

**There will be written instructions (and some diagrams where appropriate) 

**Let me know via the blog or Instagram if you want to sign up


These projects are STASH BUSTERS. I don't want to be responsible for urging you to buy MORE yarn ;-) ,  however...I can't help it if the  colour you need is NOT in the stash?  

Skill level - no restrictions

Yarn:  4 and 8 ply yarn but mostly 8ply

HOOKS - 3.5mm and 4mm hook for the above yarns respectively

2.5mm (OF COURSE there’ll have to be one, maybe two sock designs with flowers somewhere)  or gauge  to suit if you’re a tight or loose knitter)
4mm needles
3mm needles

(For some of the later projects, there may be 5mm or 6mm but I will notify you in time for those.) 

Crochet hooks
Hook conversion chart: UK Imperial to Metric
Old Size
New Metric

Old Size
New Metric

3/0 or 11





1 or 14

2/0 or 12


Knitting needles

 US                                                  Metric                                           UK
2.5 MM--
2.75 MM122
3.0 MM11-
3.25 MM103
3.5 MM-4
3.75 MM95
4.0 MM86
4.5 MM77
5.0 MM68
5.5 MM59
6.0 MM410
6.5 MM310 ½
7.0 MM2
7.5 MM1
8.0 MM011
9.0 MM0013
10.0 MM00015
12.0 MM--
15.0 MM--
20.0 MM--

So, are you ready?

Are you game?

Are you excited?

January's pattern  will be posted this Friday so look for  the notice on Instagram and the  pattern on the blog.  You will require 6 colours - I've used two shades of pink,  one each of green, red, yellow, white; a 3.5mm hook if crocheting and size 11 needles (3mm)  Final details Friday.  :-)  Please note - the patterns are different for the knitting and crochet projects.  

I'll be off stitching...

Lu x

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