Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial

Christmas time... 

Christmas for me is a time to chill with family, to know the world is slowing down just for a few days and for putting together thoughtful and simple gifts for family and friends. Christmas is a quiet affair here.   Best of all is the wrapping where I can use my yarn but not necessarily IN the gift...on the outside is better!

I make Christmas cards each  year and sometimes the old favourites beg to be made again.  Enter the origami Christmas tree.  

For my friends, I try to make gifts each year
 because there's nothing like
 a handmade present. I sometimes make myself a gift too.  :-) 

I thought  I would make a tutorial on the
beloved Origami Christmas tree.  No, it doesn't use yarn but I often send yarny things inside the wrapping that has this tree attached! 

** There is a video  of the steps 
                         at the end.  

Christmas tree 
Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial

Get together some wrapping paper, coloured paper of your choice, a three-fold card, a star sticker or a star punch, stamping pad, Christmas stamp ( or do your own calligraphy) a cutting blade and self healing mat and some glue.

Cut out your paper for the origami folds as follows:

2 @ 9cm square
2 @7 cm square
2 @ 5cm square
2 @ 4 cm square

Make these folds on every square. (photo ii)

  Use this guide for the folds, Please note:  every fold should be a VALLEY fold.  ( My apologies for the previous post.  The wrong photo was attached.)  

Photo iii

  You should end up with this shape. 

 Now fold each corner to the middle (photo iv & v)  

Photo iv - bring the corner to the centre

photo v - repeat for other side.  place a little glue inside these two flaps only to secure them to the larger triangle.. 

They should look like this

Now, go watch the video made in Flipagram to complete the process!   

**PLEASE NOTE:  the diagram in the video for folding is wrong.  All folds should be VALLEY FOLDS  AS SHOWN ABOVE IN THE BLOG.  :-(

Pause and play as you wish and send me images of your trees to wildaboutyarn@outlook.com
 or tag me  #wildaboutyarn   on Instagram with your photos.  

( sorry I don't have Facebook) 

Happy merry making!

Lu x    

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