Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Heart

Welcome on this sunny summer Day here in Australia!  I hope your Valentine's day has some surprises, some memorable times and some chocolate and coffee!!  

Hearts are a universal symbol recognised no matter what culture or  country and Valentine's day is an excuse to eat chocolates without guilt, an excuse to tell all those dear to you how much you care, an excuse to  make as many heart projects as possible! :-) 

This  heart wreath, if it is indeed a wreath, has brought me great joy over the last few weeks. I've watched with such pleasure as it's come together. ( Why not copy and paste the image into a document and make your own card!)  I like all the processes in making projects, especially the photographing and writing.  


The butterflies are from Ravelry ButterflyGrace and can be made smaller or larger depending on your yarn ply and hook. This is a free pattern. The flowers can be found all over the web and are also free. 

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I've had so much fun making the mosaic for this special day,every little picture a story.  

I wanted to make bunting but there  are so many sites with bunting, I would have been repeating the ideas.  I decided on this easy to make luggage label so I could get my heart fix out!!! :-)  

My daughter has travelled overseas many times now. Next time, her luggage will be easily identifiable with this sweet handmade heart luggage label made from thick book board, decorative paper and yarn.  

Tell me how you spent your valentine's day. It's not just about lovers but an opportunity to tell all our friends what they  mean to us. 

Happy V Day to you all,

Lu x


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