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Citrus Twist Motif 1


Some days, I just want an easy project that I can finish quickly, something that makes me feel I’ve achieved something.  Motif Monday is going to be just that kind of day!  Every Monday I will post a motif.  These can be made up into small pincushions for friends as gifts, little purses…potpourri bags or be joined into a larger project.   In fact, many of my  most recent motifs  have ended up in a basket.  I’ve renamed them ‘yarn therapy’ and they’ve earned their place.  I hope you collect a basket of them this year too!  You deserve it!   

                                               Let me know if you are joining me on Mondays!  J  

                                      CITRUS TWIST  - MOTIF 1.   Feb  2014

When my dear friend, Maree, sent me the most gorgeous handmade necklace (find Maree's beautiful beads here - the fresh colours were the motivation to make Citrus Twist. 

Firefly  Beads...Maree this combo! 

YARN – 8 ply  - Small quantities in four colours – Sunshine yellow, Blanc, Smokey, Lime
 Hook- 4mm
Finished size with 8ply - 15cm (5 3/4")
Usual notions – scissors, tapestry needle, stitch marker (optional)
Abbreviations: UK terms, ch – chain, tr – treble, 3trcl –  3treble cluster, slst – slip stitch, dc – double crochet
3tr cluster: yarn over hook (YO) ,  insert hook into required stitch, YO,  pull through the stitch,                                     YO,  pull through two loops on your hook, YO, insert into stitch,  YO,  pull through the stitch, 
                  YO,  pull through two loops on your hook, (you'll now have 3 loops on your hook), YO, insert into stitch, yo, pull through two loops, (you have  4 loops  on your hook), 
                  YO and pull through all loops . Done. 

(2trcl is less one yo and pull through routine)
Using Sunshine yellow, make a magic ring,  4ch (serves as the first  treble and the first ch) * 1tr, 1ch (repeat * 14 more times) into the ring.  (16 tr, 16ch)
1.  3ch, 2tr cluster into the ch space of previous row, 1ch,  *3trcl, 1ch**  repeat all round # slst into
    3rd ch of beg 3ch.    # Change colour to blanc on the last pull through of the slip stitch.
                                                         (16 -3tr clusters, 16ch)

Beg, round 1 trebles and blanc round 2.  

2. 3ch. 2tr in same place as 3ch, 1ch, *3tr, 1ch** in the chain space of previous row, rep all round.
   Sl st into the 3rd ch of the beg 3ch.  Change to Smokey on the last pull through of the slip stitch. 
                                                           (48tr, 16ch spaces)   

3.  In the same space as the slip stitch, ** 1dc, 5ch**, repeat ** in the ch spaces all round.  Sl st into the first dc.  Change to Blanc on this last slip stitch as before.
4.  1dc in same space as slst, *(1htr, 2tr, 1ht) in 5-ch space, dc in dc of previous row*,   repeat all round, slst into first dc.  Change to Lime on the last pull through of the slip stitch.
5. Ch 4,(this is the first dc and the 2ch),  3trcl in between the two tr of the previous row,  2ch, * dc in dc of previous row, 2ch, 3trcl in between the two tr of the previous row,  2ch**,   rep * to **  around, slst into the 2nd ch of the beg 4ch.
Fasten off.  Block by holding your steaming iron OVER the top of the motif.  Do not allow the iron to touch the motif.  Melting can occur!!!!  :-(((
Please share your motifs by linking your comments to your website or IG account. 

Happy hooking!  

Lu x
P.S. I'm loving grey at the moment! 
Citrus Twist Motif 1, Feb, 2014

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