Wednesday, 11 June 2014

May's Montage and Motifs

May's Montage

 From top left, clockwise: Seasonal beach Bag; mini purse; motifs for new project; paper art  from the Religio Medici for  Bibio-art exhibition at Blarney Books, Victoria, Australia; needlecase (pattern on blog); start of the poncho with Vee Barry; hydrangea chatelaine; detail of poncho; Hunni my helper on the Ripple blanket

 And so it is June... that's winter here in Australia, but we are still experiencing the most GORGEOUS days!!!!!!!!!  Barely a coat in sight which doesn't bode well for all the projects I want to make.  

I know I started the year with MOTIF MONDAY  but something keeps  diverting my attention and I find I'm looking for MORE motifs because they are soooooooooooooo much fun! Everywhere I look, there are mandalas, motifs and the most gorgeous squares with flowers, hexagons and more.  All praise to motifs and their makers.  We are all HOOKED, if you'll pardon the pun!

Motif Madness  good points?
*A quick fix
*a great distraction
*stash busters
*great use of colour
*many levels of difficulty meaning heaps of EASY ones for beginners
* easy to finish before another idea comes along! ;-) 

  Voila!  In no time, you have a DOILY for that pot or vase or for the front of a cushion cover, or for just about anything you wish.

Yes, motifs are the winners this month!

I'd like to share some of mine from the blog and hope that they inspire you...

Diabolo, motif 9 

Coaster from Mesmerising Mandala 

Beaded Jug Doily

Mesmerising Mandala and coasters

Tea Time Doilies (my favourite)

Go searching!   Make Motifs! 

Lu xx

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