Monday, 26 May 2014

Poncho for Autumn

Distraction time...    

 I started a 'new project' a couple of weeks ago and it's sitting on the backburner while I chase patterns for this one above.   Have you noticed how Crochet has this habit of making us take detours, diversions, and lose track of the current project  for something new!   I'm a sufferer of this disease but  as I've said before - it's not a BAD disease, is it?  :-)

A friend on IG wanted me to help her look for a poncho.  A poncho! Now this isn't something I would normally wear and indeed, our climate is rather warm for such a garment, but I just love the way Lucy's looked on Attic 24  and the more I surfed the net, the more keen I was to make one. Why?  Well,  just because... :-)

Choosing the colours is one of the most pleasurable aspects of projects.  it gives the maker some control even if the pattern is someone else's.  This gorgeous palette  reminds me of  Spring which is ironic because it's Autumn here! See what you think:

It's in the box - the Spring Poncho palette for the Drops Design
Colours are orange, burnt orange, citrus, yellow, green, med pink, dark pink and white...The poncho begins with my favourite motif  - the humble Granny square.  I keep falling in love with it, do you?   There are so many ways this block can be used.  I'm using it along the neckline and joining as I go to save time.

  I'm also cutting off those pesky ends as I go

First row...burnt orange

I love these colours and they've come together beautifully.  So fresh, so alive and so cheerful!  here are the progress photos.

I can't help photographing it! (Oh I can see my stitch marker high on the left. More on these later!) 

Look at those grannies...

And here is where I'm up to now...row 10...
How could I avoid this distraction? Next time you see it, it will be complete and maybe on my shoulders!

Happy hooking,

Lu x  

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