Saturday, 18 January 2014

The New Year...a round up of a year of happy creations, family and landscapes.

The new year is coming at us in full swing and  instead of resolutions, we seem to be making lists for even more projects for this year! 
Last week, I uploaded over twenty pictures to the blog and due to my amateur status, lost the post! Woe was me.  Here we go, second time around...
2013 in review...
The crochet projects this year surprised even me. It's only when we look back that we realise just how many finished (and unfinished) items we made. 
                                                                I have such a soft spot for the ripple.
 This palette was a new one for me. I'm not a brown person
I found some variegated yarn with blue, beige, brown and cream and this was the motivator.
What is crochet without a coffee...oh and a little chocolate, hmmmm??
I love seeing these little plates full of colourful treats.  I could happily make circles all day long without any plans for what they were for! 
The RIOT scarf was excellent as a stash buster.  Even a beginner could do it.
And no weaving in ENDS!!   Oh YEs.....just my kind of project!
Just look at those colours!!
My faithful assistant, Hunni Blossom...has to be ON the current project...
Green was once my least favourite colour.  I've been making up for it... :-)
This was an Instagram shoot  -  find 15 green items...
Ahh....the Leftie...I LOVE this shawl by Martina Behm (find it on Ravelry)
I didn't stop at one and neither did quite a few of my knitting buddies...
The FIRST pair of socks attempted and lovin' that Zauberball yarn...
My first pair of socks!   I had a #burningsockdesire for years, plenty of sock yarn,
but wasn't game to start.  Watch out!  And here I am, knitting them in my macaron PJS.
And what's this? Another pair?
Just love that Zauberball sock yarn!
Green and aqua are featuring a bit in my yarn basket right now! 
Of course it wasn't ALL plain sailing...the word
frogging might ring a bell to many of my yarn friends...see video below
What was that I said about the ripple??  :-)  This is a cushion for my bed.
Crocheting with fine thread is an art I haven't succeeded in yet...more practice...

My dear friend, Connie (Chile) and I did a scarf swap and made this
leaf scarf.  A lovely design but pity that it curls at the edges so you
don't get to see this lovely lace design.  I  made a pink one for myself (See further down) and a black and white one for my daughter.  Another pattern that was addictive!)
The Ladybird is my motif so I had to design my own...
How cool is the match of the yarn to my quilt??? 
My pink  lacy leaf scarf...
A satisfying, simple quick scarf for a teenager.. sometimes you need something easy.
I love this photo of my daughter, Phoebe.  She's mad on bunnies
so I made her this one from bunnymummy
She has other free crochet patterns that are just as adorable!  
I love giving gifts that are handmade. 
Chevron scarf completed...
The delightful Leftie.  I'm liking the red pink and organge...
Don't you love it when you daughter asks for a Retro blanket?
The problem with a button collection is
that you don't want to USE them. 
Lovely, lovely Charlie and Dot... 
But all this must come to an end. 
So many photos made Hunni tired..
More on the year's round up tomorrow.
until then, thanks for dropping by...
Lu x 

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