Friday, 16 February 2018

New Enamel Pin, cheeky enamel pin

                     Diary Entry: Feb 17, 2018
                   At last, dear Diary, I can let out the secret I've been keeping for a couple of months now! 


News Flash! thank you, thank you! 
I'm loving my trips to the post office to send out pins to everyone. Thank you so much! 
Not tonight I'm knitting!

Yes, it's Valentine's month, and yes, it's the loved-up month but sorry, knitting is also a passion and we suffer withdrawal if we don't get to do something for ourselves.  Now that Valentine's day is over, let's settle back down to knitting.  

  I hope you purchase yourself this first enamel pin from Wild ABout Yarn and put it on your project bag!  They're great gifts to give yarny friends too. (*** You can purchase up to three in one bag without paying extra postage, OR... pay postage per item and I will send them to anyone anywhere  with a card) 

Click here to go to my Etsy shop.  

Light, hard enamel, push pin backing  
For those ME time moments...
Yarn: Blushing by Wild About Yarn

 I've enjoyed the process and my manufacturer has   been awesome so keep a      look out for another to      add to your collection next month and support            small business. 

        Happy knitting
            & Stitching 
     and happy weekend.  

Lu xx

Instagram:  @wildaboutyarn  

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