Monday, 16 October 2017

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! It took a while but here is the FOURTH issue of Wild ABout Yarn Magazine and I love it.  The theme is:

VINTAGE and we all love vintage knitting! 
Issue 4, Wild About Yarn, VINTAGE - BONUS FREE  magazine
included on knitting fashion through the decades
  PDF only available here:
Etsy: Wild About Yarn Magazine, Issue 4, VINTAGE PLUS bonus magazine free! 
Find more sneak peaks on Instagram: @wildaboutyarn 

Read about the era of 'Make, Do and Mend' 

The delightful Casey Maura - our featured maker who sews and knits
and finds time to podcast
 'Creative Musings' Casey's blog
Creative Musings Podcast

Amy Appel, our featured knitwear designer, loves Rockabilly style
and designs amazing, sassy garments.
Find Amy on Ravelry

 In this issue you will find two interviews, articles about vintage knitwear and how it differs from today's designs.  
Included for those looking for a project are: 
three patterns - a cute pair ofknitted bobby sox
                          - a knitted turban using simple lace and
                          - a crocheted collar - the inexpensive way for women to reinvent an outfit when rationing was enforced.  Women are so resourceful! 

PLUS...there is a bonus magazine included free!! J

This supplement focuses specifically on the decades
1920 - 1960 and takes a look into what was the knitted fashion, how events of the world shaped the garments that were made, what colours were used and what styles were created! (Did you know that bobby pins stopped being manufactured so women needed a way to hold back their hair. Welcome TURBANS!!!! Apart from being a chic addition to a wardrobe, they were practical and appeared in all manner of designs!) 
Lu Dougas, Publisher

If you make any of the  patterns, please tag your projects on Instagram with:

#wildaboutyarnvintage  #wildaboutyarn #vintage 

You can find me here:

Instagram: @wildaboutyarn

Find the magazine here: Wild About Yarn, Vintage Issue 4                   

And when I'm not up there, I am knitting..

Happy Yarning, 
Lu x

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