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Wild about Yarn Magazine, Issue 3 Autumn, the dyeing issue

Wild About Yarn Magazine, issue 3, Autumn - the dyeing issue

Issue 3, Autumn, a magazine all about yarn 

                    The mesmerising mandalas on the cover belong to the lovely Sandra Eng  (instagram - @mobiusgirl)  of Minnesota.   Sandra is our featured maker and creator.  She makes and creates some of the most intricate circles of crochet and the results speak for themselves! 

Heike Gittins  (Instagram - @madewithloops) from the United Kingdom knits exquisite designs, so feminine and professionally made.  You can create these designs too if you go to her website.  You can also read about the magazine on her blog here. Made with Loops There are several free patterns in both crochet and knitting, and some exquisite knitted designs to purchase here . Take a look at her latest ventures with Claudia Baumann-Ruegg in Germany. Thank you, Claudia, for announcing the release of Issue 3 on your blog 
Claudia's blog

Heike has generously provided two crochet patterns in the magazine but I won't spoil it by showing you those.  :-) 

Ellie Beck lives in the rainforest in a house that she and her husband, Sam, have been building for the last 5 years. She manages to create the most beautiful yarns and fabrics by naturally dyeing them with nature's bounty.  Read about her life in the slow-lane and how she balances this and family.  

Since this is the dyeing issue, you will find a brief history of dyeing and a tutorial for those who wish to dye their own yarn. As I wrote - if you can cook spaghetti, you can dye yarn! 

Garter stitch knitting with children
If you happen to teach children knitting, there's an article on pointers to get them started. 

I'm so proud of this issue. It's a PDF download which diverts from the 'book in the hand' magazine I initially conceptualised, but rising postage costs, time taken for some to reach their destination (2 months to some countries!!!) and some getting 'lost' in the mail brought this about.  I hope you will purchase an issue and see for yourself how inspiring yarn in the hands of  our three creatives can be.  

Happy Yarning,
Lu x

Link to Etsy to see the new issue of Wild About Yarn Issue 3, Autumn link

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