Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tassel Time Tutorial

Tassel Time TUTORIAL 

the tassel for Circles of Summer Bag and Pouch

                   Here is a free tassel tutorial.  You do not need to do the decorative  netting across the top. The tassel will still be functional as it is.

3m of one colour or 1.5 m of two colours.
Tapestry needle, scissors 
Cardboard 12cm x 5cm                                                                                             

1. Cut yarn 1.5 metres in two colours (or 3m of one colour) for the bag.  (Cut the fringe shorter for the pouch.)
2.  Make a twisted cord.   (A great tutorial can be found here Twisted cord Tutorial) 

**Twisted cord instructions – take 1 metre of yarn. Fold it in half and tie the two ends together in a knot.
Put both loops over the index fingers of both hands. Keep the tension on the yarn and twist the cord in opposite directions until it starts to get tight.  To test if it’s ready to twist, release the yarn a little.  Does it twist madly on itself?  It’s ready if it does. If not, keep twisting in opposite directions.  You might like to hold the cord it in the middle before letting go gently.  When you let it go, it will twist on itself into a cord.    

(i) Attach the twisted cord with a larks head knot
3. Wrap around a piece of cardboard 15cm x 5cm.  (photo i)
4. Loop the twisted cord under the top of folded tassel and make a larks head knot to secure it.     Cut the bottom edge of the tassel on the cardboard.                                         
5. Wrap and tie a 30cm piece of yarn 3cm from folded top of the tassel. This is the BAND.  Secure with a knot and then hide the loose end back inside the tassel.     

The embellished top starts at the wrapped band

Decorative top

Attach yarn to the wrapped band. 

1. Thread up a metre of yarn onto a tapestry needle. Turn your tassel upside down to start the decorative top by attaching the yarn to the tied skirt.
2. Loop all around the skirt band with buttonhole stitch as shown to the right.

3. Continue doing buttonhole stitch.  As the tassel belly gets narrower, make the loops a little tighter.  Secure the end of the yarn inside the tassel.   

L. Douglas  ©2015  

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