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Wild About Yarn Magazine extra for overseas subscribers

Issue 1, Spring, Wild About Yarn mini magazine

             Wild About Yarn Magazine 
                              (extra for overseas subscribers)

Hello all, September has been a huge month for Wild About Yarn!  The launch of the new magazine has been exciting and surprising.  Why?  Well, I thought the magazine would weigh  the exact amount it costs to send a letter overseas. Imagine my shock to find it was 8gms overweight and was going to cost the same amount almost to post as the purchase price.  

@thelittlebeenz is our feature designer 
I had to put on my thinking cap to figure out a way to overcome this since the listed postage was only $3.00!!  :-0   Yes, I was in shock and had to bear the extra cost for the first mailing of magazines!   

The only solution from then on was  to have one version for Australia and another for the rest of the world, by omitting one page of tutorials for overseas orders (and a huge thank you to those who have already purchased it!  The support from all of my international followers is the best!  xxx ).   If you find your tutorial missing, scroll down - it's here! We've sorted the problems out for the next issue which will be even better. More news & interviews, the usual delicious treat in the regular feature, Kitchen Bites, and a full tutorial from now on!!!!!!! Yay! 

hopnfrogpottery, yarn bowls, Issue 1

Thanks for bearing with me.   Sometimes I get it wrong...:-(    Since Issue 1 has some beautiful frogs and ladybirds sitting on yarn bowls by Tanya Bechara, Sydney,  Australia, I thought some crochet frogs  and ladybirds might be apt.   (Tutorials for Issue 1 below)  
Edgar (crochet pin cushion)
8ply yarn –green, white
Tapestry needle
3.5mm hook, 3mm hook


Upper body, green yarn, 3.5mm hook
 1. Magic ring, 6dc into ring. Work in spirals.
2. 2dc in each dc
3. *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next,  repeat from * all around
4.  *2dc in next stitch, 1dc in next, 1dc in next,  repeat from * all around
5. Dc all around
Fasten off.
Repeat for the lower body leave a long tail to join top to bottom

Thread your tapestry needle with the tail.
Whip stitch through the back loops of the dc. 
When there is a 3cm gap, stuff the body and stitch
 the rest of the way around. Secure the thread
Starting the base of Edgar, work in spirals

EYE 3mm hook
1. Magic ring, 6 dc into ring.
2. 2dc all around. Fasten off.
1. *2dc in next st, 1dc in next, repeat from * around
2. Dc all around. Do not fasten off.  Thread the tail onto the tapestry needle, make a running stitch around the last row and pull up the eye tight.  It doesn’t need stuffing, then attach the eye to the head.  Using black thread, make a slit for the eye ball.


The collective noun for a group of ladybirds is 
                                                                                     a loveliness of ladybirds 
Why not make a whole family?  I'd love to see them. Post pictures to my Instagram account:
@wildaboutyarn or email your photos to me at  and I will feature them on the blog and on Instagram. 

Ruby, ladybird (crochet)  

4ply yarn, 3mm hook, tapestry needle
black, red, small amount of  toy fibrefil

Scarlet yarn.
Magic ring, dc6, slst into the first dc.
1.  2dc in each dc, slst into the first dc. (12sts)
2. *dc, 2dc in next dc repeat around.  slst into the first dc. (18sts)
3. *dc, dc, 2dc in next dc repeat around   slst into the first dc (24sts)
4. dc all round
5. dc, dc, dc2tog, repeat all round (18sts)
6. dc, dc2tog, repeat all round (12sts)  (stuff body with fibrefill)
6.  dc 2 tog all round. Fasten off and leave a tail. Gather up last six stitches onto a tapestry needle and pull tight.  Sink the knot into the body of the ladybird. Don’t hurt her too much.  ;-)

Black yarn    
adding the head cap circle
Magic ring, dc6, slst into the first dc.
1.  2dc in each dc, slst into the first dc. (12sts)
Fasten off.  Leave a tail to stitch the head onto the body.

Dots – make the dots and the spine line  with yarn and your tapestry needle. 

seeing spots...

Happy yarning, I'll be off stitching!

Lu x

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