Monday, 26 May 2014

Poncho for Autumn

Distraction time...    

 I started a 'new project' a couple of weeks ago and it's sitting on the backburner while I chase patterns for this one above.   Have you noticed how Crochet has this habit of making us take detours, diversions, and lose track of the current project  for something new!   I'm a sufferer of this disease but  as I've said before - it's not a BAD disease, is it?  :-)

A friend on IG wanted me to help her look for a poncho.  A poncho! Now this isn't something I would normally wear and indeed, our climate is rather warm for such a garment, but I just love the way Lucy's looked on Attic 24  and the more I surfed the net, the more keen I was to make one. Why?  Well,  just because... :-)

Choosing the colours is one of the most pleasurable aspects of projects.  it gives the maker some control even if the pattern is someone else's.  This gorgeous palette  reminds me of  Spring which is ironic because it's Autumn here! See what you think:

It's in the box - the Spring Poncho palette for the Drops Design
Colours are orange, burnt orange, citrus, yellow, green, med pink, dark pink and white...The poncho begins with my favourite motif  - the humble Granny square.  I keep falling in love with it, do you?   There are so many ways this block can be used.  I'm using it along the neckline and joining as I go to save time.

  I'm also cutting off those pesky ends as I go

First row...burnt orange

I love these colours and they've come together beautifully.  So fresh, so alive and so cheerful!  here are the progress photos.

I can't help photographing it! (Oh I can see my stitch marker high on the left. More on these later!) 

Look at those grannies...

And here is where I'm up to now...row 10...
How could I avoid this distraction? Next time you see it, it will be complete and maybe on my shoulders!

Happy hooking,

Lu x  

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Seasonal Beach Bag

May 20, 2014

Hello Everyone, 

Bags, bags, bags!!! I can't make or have enough of them!  How about you?  Bags for yarn projects, bags for shopping, bags for friends...

 I actually began this gorgeous beach bag in Summer when I went for a weekend to the seaside.  This round bottomed bag is great for many reasons.  It's spacious,  easy for a beginner to make and it's a great way to practice increasing circles which comes in handy if you are a Mandala lover (see Mesmerising Mandala here ) and  last of all, this design can be made to order - make it wider by increasing in the same manner as below or continue trebling rounds to the desired height. (Remember to adjust/purchase more of the lining to match your bag's height!)

Seasonal Beach Bag
 Finished size: 48cm long, 30cm wide
multicoloured green - 1 ball
coral - 1 ball
green  -1 ball
white - 1 ball
Fabric - lining - 90cm wide x 45cm long
4 buttons for embellishment on bag and purse
Rope - 1metre of thick rope. (Thin rope can hurt your shoulder, even with a crocheted handle)

Tapestry needle
4mm hook
Sewing thread to match lining and bag.
Sewing needle


NB:  Work this in a spiral using a stitch marker in the first stitch of each round.

COLOUR CHANGES: Work rounds of colour in any order.

Magic ring
1.     Tr 8 into the ring
2.     2tr in each tr, place marker (16sts)               

3.    *1tr in first tr, 2tr in next tr, repeat from * all round
4.   *1tr in each of the next 2tr, 2tr in next tr.  
Repeat from * all round
Establishing base in rounds
5.    *1tr in each of the next 3tr, 2tr in next tr.   
Repeat from * all round
6.    *1tr in each of the next 4tr, 2tr in next tr.  
Repeat from * all round
7.    *1tr in each of the next 5tr, 2tr in next tr.  
Repeat from * all round
8.    *1tr in each of the next 6tr, 2tr in next tr.  
Repeat from * all round
9..  *1tr in each of the next 7tr, 2tr in next tr. 
 Repeat from * all round
10.  Tr in each stitch all round
11.  *1tr in each of the next 8tr, 2tr in next tr.  
Repeat from * all round
12 - 34.   Tr in each stitch all round
35-44.    10 rows Double Crochet (Uk terms) ( do not turn, continue crocheting in a spiral manner and place marker on the last stitch of each row.
45,46.      2 rows of treble.  Fasten off.

Fold lining in half along long edge.  Stitch along the bottom and up the side with a 5mm seam.  Turn down a 2cm hem on the top edge. Leave inside out. 

* Run two gathering rows 1cm and 5 cm from the top edge of the lining.
* Place lining inside the crocheted bag,
*Draw up  the two gathering rows so the lining fits into the inside of the top of the bag.
* Hand-stitch the lining 1cm below the top of the inside of the bag with back-stitch in coordinating thread.   Use a close, whip stitch to connect lining to bag. 
Bag components
*Turn over two rows of Treble on the crocheted bag to the inside. This will cover the top of the lining.  Hand-stitch the crocheted turn-down to the lining.
Attach the handle to both sides of the bag using yarn and a tapestry needle.

Cast on 130 ch.
1.  Tr in the 3rd ch from hook.  Tr along entire  foundation row.  Turn
2.  3ch (does not count as a stitch), tr in each stitch
Do five rows of treble in this manner.   
Lay rope inside handle and dc two long edges together to enclose rope inside handle.
Attach handles to each side of the bag with yarn and tapestry needle.  Secure strongly. 

Mini purse
 Mini purse with zipper
A mini purse doesn't go astray for that small change. Make it large enough to put your phone in. 
Finished: 12cm high,  10cm wide

NB:  Work this in a spiral using a stitch marker in the first stitch of each round.

Magic ring
1.     Dc 8 into the ring
2.     2dc in each dc, place marker (16sts)
3.    *1dc in first dc, 2dc in next dc, repeat from * all round
4.   *1dc in each of the next 2dc, 2dc in next dc.  Repeat from * all round
5.    *1dc in each of the next 3dc, 2dc in next dc.   Repeat from * all round
6.    *1dc in each of the next 4dc, 2dc in next dc.  Repeat from * all round
7.   Dc all round for the next 15 rows
21.  Dc in white
22, 23.  Dc all round. Fasten off.
Insert zipper by hand-stitching in back-stitch.  (Back stitch is a stretchy stitch that is great for knitted wear.)   Attach a small motif and button to the zipper.

Roll up your towel, push it in the Seasonal Beach bag,
 throw in some sunscreen and off to the beach we go!  R

Monday, 5 May 2014

The New Crochet Project continued....

The New PRoject. continued...

As the sun sets over the landscape here in Australia, I see some of the colours in the sky that I’ve chosen for the crochet.   This is my  ever changing view every day...I am grateful.

T.N.P.  (The New Project)  is coming along beautifully and I'm delighted with it!  I can’t wait for night to come so I can get some crochet time.  All that delicious coloured yarn and quick and easy motifs, completed while watching television with my girl, P, and the furry one, Hunni.   


The project looked something like this at the start...

 A basket of colour...
And this...  
And WHEELS of colour...The first round  of each of the three motifs

                                  The trouble is I just couldn't stop photographing them :-) 

This  project requires at least 48 motifs, three rounds of colour for each motif .   The rules for this are that there can't be two motifs with the same colourway.  I've been keeping track of what combinations I've made by sitting them in the tray in front of me.    

I've modified the Mermerising Mandala coaster design  a little so the motif isn’t too large.  (I’m not a tall person so I try to make motifs in better proportion for my size…should you like to make larger motifs, use a larger hook.  Easy!)

Number 2 Motif -  Spoked Wheel
The spoked wheel  motif...rounds 1 and 2....Tadaaaaaaaaaaa...

I'm in love with them!  The STACK of Wheels...

Onto the third motif now and about to have a coffee. Stay tuned...

Happy crocheting!

Lu x