Saturday, 9 May 2015

Ring a Ring a Rosie Doily for May

                                     Ring a ring a Rosie 
Inspiration for the doily from Frankie Magazine pages
                                         Doily for May

I couldn’t resist making another monthly motif.  I started making motifs because they were quick projects for a busy life,  because it felt like I achieved something and because I wanted to use up my stash.  (and I love using the beautiful textured pages of my Frankie Magazine 
(find it here…Frankie Magazine)  for a host of paper art. Here are the roses I made that inspired me to make this doily.)  

But now to our Rosie… (..Find it here on Ravelry ...)

Yarn choices

4ply yarn in White, green, dark pink, medium pink  (yarn from Spotlight stores)                                        
3.00mm hook
Tapestry needle, scissors

   1.  Magic ring, ch5 (stands for 1dtr, 1ch), 1dtr, 1ch into the ring, repeat from * around 18 more times.  (20tr, 20ch). Slst into the 3rd ch of the beg 4ch. 

row 2...
   2.  ch3, 1dc in next ch space, *ch3, 1dc in next ch sp, repeat from * around to the last ch sp, ch1, htr into the slst of the row before. 

   3. *ch3, 1dc in next ch3 sp, repeat from * around to last ch3 sp, ch1, htr into last htr. 

   4.  Repeat row 3.

   5. *ch4, 1dc in next ch3 sp, *ch4, 1dc in next ch3 sp, repeat from * around to last ch3 sp, ch2,  htr in the htr on previous row.

   6.  Ch5, 1dc in next ch4 space, *ch5, 1dc in next ch4 sp, repeat from * to the last ch4 sp, ch3,htr in the htr on the previous row.

7.  Repeat row 6 until the last ch5 sp, ch3, tr in the last htr of previous row. .

8.  Repeat row 7.

9.  Ch6, 1dc in next ch5 sp, *ch6, 1dc in next ch6 sp, repeat from * to the last ch5 space, ch3, tr in the htr of the previous row. 

10. Repeat row 9, in the last ch6 sp,  tr  in the tr of the previous row at the end.

11. Ch7, 1dc in next ch6 sp, *ch7, 1dc in next ch6 sp, repeat from * around to the last ch6 sp, ch3, dtr in tr of previous row.  Fasten off white yarn.

 12. Join green to any 7ch space.  *(Ch4 {stands for tr, ch1} , tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch 1) in the same 7ch sp,  repeat from * around.  Sl stitch to the 3rd ch of the beg 4ch.  Fasten off green.

13. Join dark pink to the ch4 space at the beg of the previous row, ch3, 2trcl in same space, ch1, 3trcl in next ch sp, ch 1, repeat once in the next ch1 sp,  ch3, *(3trcl in next ch sp, ch 1, repeat  two more times in each of the ch spaces,)  ch3,  Repeat around , join with a slst into the 3rd ch of the beg 3ch. Fasten off  colour.

 Join med pink into the next 3ch space.   

14.  *ch3, dc in ch1 sp, repeat around doing ch3, and a dc in the green ch1 space BELOW the ch3 space  - this is a long DC.   Do this at every 3ch space.   Slst into the 3rd ch of the beg ch3.  Fasten off med pink.  

15.  Join white into a ch3 space with a dc.  *Ch3, dc in dc of previous row, Repeat around, end with a sl st into the 3rd ch of the first dc. 

16. *ch 5, dc in dc of previous row, Repeat from * around and slst into the dc of the last row.

17. *ch 6, dc in dc of previous row, Repeat from * around and slst into the dc of the last row.

Edging  (right)
18. *2dc in the ch6 space, ch3, 2dc in same ch7 sp, ch3,2dc in same ch6 space,  Repeat from * around  and sl st into the dc of the previous row. Fasten off.


I'll be off stitching.

Lu xxx

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Spring Sampler Blanket step 2, YAL 2015


      Spring Sampler Blanket Step 2
            Yal 2015

Winter is coming here in Australia and if you haven't already noticed, we've been doing a YAL = a yarn along - on the blog and through Instagram.   I'm using this blanket as my 'mindful crochet' - no rushing, nestling under it through the cooler months and just taking my time designing and creating this garden coverlet. 

There are so many blankets 'happening' at the moment but I just had to make this Spring Sampler.  It's been on my mind for a while.  It's a refreshing design to crochet and is quite quick to stitch up.   Check out step 1 here Spring Sampler Blanket step 1  

Using your 4mm hook, let's start step 2...

Row 29: Join Grey 2ch, htr across, turn. ( join white in the last pull through loop on this row.)
Row 30: White 2ch, htr across, turn.

           Flowers in a Row

How could I leave out flowers in the row.  They’re gorgeous!  


V stitch – tr, 2ch, tr in the same stitch
4tr cluster – leave one loop on the hook with each treble until you are left with 4 loops on the hook, YO hook, draw through all loops

Rows 31-46:    Flowers in a row consists of 4 rows per flower x 3 different 
                       coloured flowers

COLOURS:  Blue pink, dark pink, Med pink, lime green, dark green

Row 1:  (Dark green) ch1, dc across, turn
Row 2:  ch3, miss a stitch, v-stitch in next st, miss 2 sts, v-stitch in next st, Repeat from * across row.

****Do not turn.  Flowers will be started on the wrong  side so they pop on the right side

Row 3: (Blue pink) ch3, 2trcl in same stitch,  * 4tr cl into the 2ch space of the v-stitch, repeat across to the last v-stitch, 1tr in last stitch.  Bring lime green through the last loop. 

Row 4: (Lime green) ch1, dc across row.

NB: Repeat these last four rows twice with two different colours for the flowers. 

Use any green on the V-stitch of the middle flower if desired

When the flower rows are completed, commence the half treble rows.

Row 47 - White, 2dc, htr across row. Turn,
Row 48 - Grey – 2dc, htr across row, turn.
Row 49 - Dark Green – 2dc, htr across row, turn
Row 50 - Lime Green – 2dc, htr across row. Turn and continue in lime green for the half daisy row

                             Half Daisy Rows  (rows 51-57)


3trcl - treble cluster Find this here on the lovely Sandra's Cherry Heart blog

(See diagram  for daisy rows below)

 1.  (Green) Ch3,  miss one stitch, *V stitch in the next st,  ch1, skip 2sts,1tr in each of the next 3sts, ch1, repeat from * to the last 3 stitches,  tr in the next st, miss one st, ch 1, tr in the last stitch. Fasten off.  Do not turn.

2. (White) ch4, { (3trcl, ch1) 3 times}  into the 3ch space,  tr into the middle tr of the row below, ch1, * { (3trcl, ch1) 4 times}  into the 3ch space,  tr into the middle tr of the row below,  ch1, repeat from * across, ending the last repeat with only   (3tr cl, ch 1, 3tr cl) into the last ch space, tr into the last stitch.  Fasten off.  Do not turn.  Return to the right side edge of the right side.

3. (Green) ch4 (this stands for a tr and ch),  tr in  the 1ch space between the 1st and 2nd tr cluster, 1 tr in the 1ch sp of the 2nd and 3rd trcl,  ch1, * v stitch in the single treble below, ch1, 1 tr in each of the 1ch spaces between the clusters, ch1, Repeat from * to the last repeat, V stitch in the single tr, ch 1, tr in the 1ch  between the clusters, ch1, tr in the last stitch.   Do not turn.  Fasten off. 

Return to the right side edge of the right side.  
                               ***Do not turn at the end of row 3.  

4. (White) ch4, * tr in the 1st tr on the row below , ch1, (3trcl, 1ch) 4 times in the 3ch space,  repeat from * to the last stitch,  tr in the last stitch.  Fasten off, do not turn.  

5.  (Green) repeat row 1 in green. Bring dark green through on the last loop. Turn.

6.  (Dark green) See the diagram below for the placement of the htr across this row.  You will end up with 204 stitches.

7.  Ch2, htr across the row.   Fasten off.  

**NOTE: If you don't have 204 sts, fudge some htr to obtain this. :-)  

 Join blue pink in last loop of last stitch.  

                                Granny’s pathway clusters  - 5 rows  (Rows 58-62)

Two colours - blue pink, dark pink (* please note  - I've used a variegated yarn for the last granny pathway colour) 

Row 1:  Chain 3, 1tr into first stitch. *Skip 2 stitches, 3tr into next stitch, repeat  from *  to the last 3sts.  Skip 2 stitches, 2tr into last stitch.

Row 2:  Ch3, *3tr into first sp between 3tr group.   Repeat from * across. Work 1 tr into the 3rd ch of the beg 2ch.  On the last pull through, join in next colour. Turn. Fasten off blue pink leaving a tail to weave in later.

Repeat row 1 for dark pink.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 for blue pink. Join dark green in the last loop of the last stitch on Row 2 of granny path.

Row 63 Green htr row

Row 58 – 2tr, htr across row.  Fasten off. Weave in ends ready for step 3 in June.

I’ll be off stitching,

Lu x

**(yarn from Spotlight stores)